PCI Express Frame Grabbers from American ELTEC

PCI Express Frame Grabbers from American ELTEC
American ELTEC Inc.
American ELTEC Inc., Las Vegas, NV, offers a family of five PCI Express frame grabbers that can be used with the company's EUROCOM 400 COM Express SBC. The PC_EYE/MONO is designed to support 4 cameras operating in multiplex mode and digitizing on an external trigger signal. Speed is 250 MBps. The PC_EYE/RGB color frame grabber supports 2 RGB cameras in multiplex mode with reset/restart functions. The PC_EYE/QUADRO is designed for use with up to 4 simultaneously running synchronized cameras. The board is based on 2 FPGAs, one for the PCI Express interface and the other for frame grabber functionality. The PC_EYE/ASYNC enables simultaneous recording of 4 unsynchronized monochrome 40 MHz and 8-bit inputs via 4 independent ADCs.

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Company: American ELTEC Inc.
Phone number: 702-878-4085
Fax: 702-878-4735

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