PCI Digitizer Cards from Acqiris

PCI Digitizer Cards from Acqiris
Acqiris USA

The Model AP240 and AP235 from Acqiris USA, Monroe, NY, are dual-channel reconfigurable PCI analyzers with advanced peak analysis and time-to-digital conversion firmware. The AP240 has 1 GHz bandwidth and reconfigurable on-the-fly processing from an onboard FPGA-based data processing unit which isolates peaks from waveform data obtained at up to 2 Gsps and transfers peak data in the form of time and/or amplitude to the host PC. The AP235 has 500 MHz bandwidth and sampling rate up to 500 Msps. Both feature front-end signal conditioning with calibrated gain and offset ranges and up to 12 MB of memory (AP240).

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Company: Acqiris USA
Phone number: 877-227-4747
Fax: 845-782-4745

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