Partners Promote AI Adoption In Diagnostic Radiology

NVIDIA and the American College of Radiology (ACR) collaborate to enable radiologists nationwide to create and use artificial intelligence (AI) for diagnostic radiology in their own facilities, using their own data, customized to meet their own clinical needs. Following a three-month pilot program by both parties, ACR is integrating the NVIDIA Clara AI toolkit into its Data Science Institute ACR AI-LAB. The toolkit is a free software platform that will be made available to more than 38,000 ACR members and other radiology professionals to build, share, adapt, and validate AI algorithms, while also ensuring patient data stays protected.


The Clara AI toolkit is part of the NVIDIA Clara developer platform, which is designed to enable software-defined medical instruments and intelligent workflows. Clara consists of libraries for data and image processing, AI model processing, and visualization. For AI, the toolkit includes libraries for data annotation, model training, model adaptation, model federation and large-scale deployment.


Making the vision of the ACR AI-LAB a reality requires the collaboration of the entire ecosystem, including industry leaders GE Healthcare, Nuance and NVIDIA, along with a vast network of healthcare startups and leading research institutes. NVIDIA Clara powers GE Healthcare’s Edison AI platform and the Nuance AI Marketplace, both of which are supporting the AI-LAB and are key solutions for the deployment of AI within the radiology workflow.


The initial version of ACR AI-LAB will be shown at the 2019 ACR Annual Meeting in Washington, from May 18-22. Soon after, ACR plans to provide online access and sample data from publicly available patient datasets. For deeper intelligence, peruse the Clara platform.


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