Partners Prepare POC For R-Car Autonomous Driving

Expert in developing and supporting computer vision technologies for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and Automated Driving (AD), eSoftThings has been working with Renesas on support for R-Car automotive SoCs and RH850 MCUs, which are part of the Renesas autonomy Platform. As member of the R-Car Consortium, eSoftThings will contribute to accelerate development of ADAS and AD with computer vision technology optimized for R-Car SoCs.


Recently, major OEM and Tier1 automotive suppliers have accelerated their activity for ADAS and AD. In order to increase the amount of road-going vehicles going into high volume series production, ECUs and other subsystems are having to evolve, to meet requirements in terms of performance, functionality, and low power. They have to be able to process huge amounts of real-time input from the cameras and radar sensors that are being added to future models of cars. The Renesas computer vision and cognitive accelerator IMP-X5 of the R-Car SoCs fulfill these requirements.


By leveraging in-depth knowledge of the Renesas solutions as well as vision and radar technologies, eSoftThings is integrating and delivering a selection of algorithms on the Renesas autonomy Platform by utilizing the dedicated on-chip accelerators providing high performance at low power consumption. Moreover, eSoftThings provides training and consulting to Renesas partners and customers to enable the optimal use of Renesas solutions in their target applications.


For more enlightenment, visit eSoftThings or call +33(0)9 66 87 44 20.


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