Partners Plan To Optimize Smart City Security

Lenovo and Pivot3 have formed a strategic partnership to develop, market, and sell edge-computing solutions optimized for mission-critical smart city security. The integrated appliances feature Lenovo Data Center Group’s (DCG) ThinkSystem servers powered by Pivot3 HCI software.


Smart city market growth is being driven by mission-critical security initiatives that rely on information collated from an array of city sensors and databases combined with video data and analytics including facial recognition, behavioral analysis, license plate recognition, and other intelligence. Effectively collecting, analyzing, storing and acting on all this information in real-time relies on the latest advances in edge computing. The partners intend to provide this growing market with resilient, cost effective, and easy-to-manage edge computing.

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As an example, the City of Bogotá, Colombia needed to refresh its monitoring system of over 1,000 cameras from different vendors. The city is deploying a highly efficient Lenovo/Pivot3 edge computing solution to achieve maximum infrastructure efficiency and scale the entire security network into a central control center, out of which at least four visualization locations operated by police will be served. With this new deployment in edge computing, the Bogotá is now able to seamlessly scale performance requirements as surveillance needs grow. Following this initial deployment, the suburbs of Bogotá additionally chose the combined Pivot3-Lenovo technology for another 2,000 cameras located along the city's 18 boroughs.


The Lenovo/Pivot3 solution is currently available and installed in markets across the globe. Proof-of-concept testing is also available at Lenovo’s Innovation Centers. For more insights, visit Lenovo DCG and Pivot3.

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