Partners Perpetrate Plethora Of Smart Building Tools

PointGrab is partnering with Mapiq to provide a range of smart-building tools. Combining CogniPoint and Mapiq’s cloud-based software platform, enterprises can provide employees with the tools for improving performance and efficiency via real-time tracking and showing how a space is being used. Using advanced deep-learning neural networks technology, CogniPoint delivers the actionable data necessary to optimize space management, energy savings and business intelligence.


Mapiq’s smart building platform focuses on the flexibility of people rather than the building itself. The technology makes it easy for workers to share and find locations and colleagues fostering greater collaboration and the freedom desired by the modern worker. Mapiq’s workplace management software also offers 3D mapping, way finding, room booking, events management and advanced analytics to help organization make informed business decisions. Learn more about PointGrab and Mapiq by visiting their respective websites.


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