Panoramic Power Commercializes P3E System

NEW YORK /PRNewswire/ -- Panoramic Power, the developer of an innovative Energy Management System (EMS) that enables enterprises to reduce their operational and energy expenses, announced that its P3E solution is available to commercial and industrial properties worldwide.

The cloud-based (SaaS) P3E platform provides building owners and operators with actionable data on the energy consumption of individual devices. The platform enables users to reduce energy costs and identify operations and maintenance issues, such as equipment malfunctions, before a major problem occurs. P3E is the "first ever nonintrusive, scalable energy management solution at the asset level." It generates alerts and reports on a real-time basis, providing a deep look into how efficiently energy is being consumed at the granular, asset-level.

Panoramic's patent-pending, self-powered wireless sensors collect data from individual circuits, and provide real-time information to Panoramic's cloud-based (SaaS) P3E analytic platform. The sensors can be installed on hundreds of circuits in a matter of hours. Once installed, the sensors never require maintenance, service, or battery replacement. Customers can access data and analytics through the platform's dashboard, set up alerts, as well as automatically receive reports.

"Panoramic Power's technology helps energy, facility, and corporate managers dramatically reduce a building's energy and operations costs by providing a level of understanding about power consumption never dreamed of before. Information is truly power in this case," said Dr. David Almagor, CEO of Panoramic Power.

Dr. Almagor continued, "The benefits of the Panoramic P3E solution go way beyond energy measurement and management. P3E enables users to identify operational and maintenance issues before an equipment failure occurs, which is critical for retail, food services companies, health care facilities, and other types of commercial and industrial businesses, by detecting unusual energy use patterns in a specific device or system. Panoramic Power's P3E solution is a low-cost and quick way to get a deeper look into the performance of critical equipment."

The P3E platform has been installed at supermarkets, retail and food services chains, and health care facilities in the U.S., China, France, Poland, Hungary, The Czech Republic, and Israel. Customers have used the system successfully to save energy, detect equipment malfunctions, and save on operational costs.

About Panoramic Power
Panoramic Power provides an innovative, EMS that enables enterprises to reduce their operational and energy expenses. The company's P3E service platform helps customers improve their energy efficiency, using a breakthrough technology that enables commercial properties to measure energy consumption at the circuit or device level.

Panoramic Power was founded in 2009 by a team of experienced entrepreneurs with successful track records and advanced multi-disciplinary skills. It is backed by strong investors, including Greylock Partners, Israel Cleantech Ventures, Qualcomm, The Israel Electric Company, and Clal Energy. The company's nonintrusive, award-winning sensor technology and cloud-based SaaS platform are specifically designed to assist businesses in reducing costs and energy consumption, managing sustainability initiatives, and improving building operations.

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