Panasonic Electric Works Releases New 3D Image Sensor

OSAKA, Japan -- (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Panasonic Electric Works, a global leader in sensor technology, announced the release of its new time-of-flight 3D Image Sensor, the "D-IMager". Years of internal research lead to the development of a unique range imaging technology aimed at various gesture control applications. It is ideally suited for markets like out-of-home entertainment, immersive multi-media, interactive digital signage and video arcade games. It also has potential for movement based industrial machines and security markets using shape or anti-tailgating detection.

"We strongly believe that 3D sensing is the key to develop a new way of daily life interaction in the future," says Ken Omori, General Manager at Panasonic Electric Works. "Our technology has the highest performance commercially available for volume production and we are confident in our capacity to help create new gesture controlled systems on a large scale starting now."

Panasonic's D-IMager enables precise motion capture of spatial objects with wide field-of-view by processing high precision (pixel by pixel) data.

The D-IMager has a robust and attractive design to blend nicely with TV displays and is capable of resolving 160x120 pixels (20 or 30 frames per second). It possesses state-of-the-art features and one of the best range imaging devices in the market. It is available with a USB2.0 interface with future models already in development.

Panasonic D-IMager is available for purchase world wide.

For enquiries concerning Panasonic's new 3D Image Sensor, please contact our sales team:
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About Panasonic Electric Works
Panasonic Electric Works Co., Ltd. (PEW, formerly Matsushita Electric Works, Ltd.) traces its roots to the company started in 1918 by our founder Konosuke Matsushita. This forerunner of PEW started out by producing an enhanced attachment plug. Thereafter, it expanded the scope of its business beyond wiring products to include lighting products, information equipment, home appliances, building products, electronic materials, and automation controls, all of which showcase PEW's technological strengths. Through those businesses, PEW has been providing total solutions for comfortable living environments.

Since April 2004, collaborative business ties have been pursued with Panasonic Corporation, formerly Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd., to develop businesses providing comfortable living and propose more of these solutions. 2008 marked the company's 90th anniversary and its name changed from Matsushita Electric Works, Ltd. to Panasonic Electric Works, Ltd., unifying all brands under the Panasonic name in Japan and overseas at the same time.

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