OTTO Announces Release of New Headset

CARPENTERSVILLE, IL – OTTO announces the release of the new Hurricane III with SureFire's Patented EarLock Retention Rings and Noise-Reducing Filters. A switch on each earpiece enables the user to control the amount of ambient sound that passes into the ear. In the open position, the Noise-Reducing Filters allow ambient sounds and conversations to be heard clearly. In very high noise environments, placing the switch in the closed position increases the noise blocking effectiveness.

The headset provides up to 40dB of protection against loud noises such as gunshots and other impulse noises, while preserving situational awareness. With the switch in the closed position the headset reduces ambient background noise by 21dB. The headset also features a noise-canceling microphone and a low-profile design that can be worn while wearing a helmet or mask. The durable design and construction enables the headset to withstand harsh environmental conditions.

The Hurricane III balances excellent noise reduction with the ability to hear ambient sounds or conversations, all while maintaining clear radio communication. It is recommended for shooting ranges, public safety applications, and any environments where loud noises are present and hearing normal conversation is important.

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