Optically Isolated Measurement System Make Hidden Signals Visible

Optically Isolated Measurement System Make Hidden Signals Visible

Previewed earlier this year, the IsoVu optically-isolated measurement system is now shipping and available for worldwide delivery. The platform uses an electro-optic sensor to convert input signals to optical modulation, electrically isolating the device-under-test from an oscilloscope. The system incorporates four separate lasers, an optical sensor, five optical fibers, and sophisticated feedback and control techniques. The sensor head, which connects to the test point, has complete electrical isolation and is powered over one of the optical fibers.

According to Tektronix, a critical advantage this technology offers is superior common mode rejection that makes signals previously buried in common mode noise visible for the first time. IsoVu offers 1 Million:1 (120 dB) common mode rejection (CMRR) up to 100 MHz and 10,000:1 (80 dB) CMRR at 1 GHz. By comparison, competitive solutions at 100 MHz offer approximately 20 dB CMRR at 100 MHz.

Pricing for the optically isolated measurement system starts at $12,000. For full details, go to http://www.tek.com/isolated-measurement-systems 

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