Optical Dissolved Oxygen Sensor from GF Piping Systems

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GF Piping Systems

Georg Fischer Piping Systems, Tustin, CA, introduces the Signet 2610-41 with expanded communication protocol capabilities to measure dissolved oxygen in applications including municipal and industrial wastewater treatment, drinking water reservoir monitoring, environmental water discharge monitoring, and aquaculture and aquatic life support. This model incorporates the Signet Sensor System Link for direct connection to Signet 9900 SmartPro transmitter generation III and also to Signet 8900 multiparameter controller. The unit has built-in Modbus RS-485; 4–20 mA output; 0–¬20 mg/L measurement range; 0%–200% saturation; accuracies of ±0.1 mg/L for 0–8 mg/L and ±0.2 mg/L for 8–20 mg/L.

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Company: GF Piping Systems
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 800-854-4090
Fax: 714-731-6923

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