OpenVPX Blade Server Enlists Xeon E5 Broadwell Architecture

Mercury Systems’ EnsembleSeries HDS6603B blade server is touted as the embedded computing industry’s most powerful open systems architecture (OSA) general processing blade in a rugged 6U OpenVPX package. The system exploits the power of dual Intel Xeon® E5 processors working within a “Broadwell” microarchitecture. Intel’s Broadwell architecture reduces fabrication geometry to increase clock speed and core count options, while lowering the power consumed. With up to 28 cores from dual 2.2GHz, QPI-enabled devices, each HDS6603B blade delivers1.61 TFLOPS of general-purpose processing power.


EnsembleSeries HDS6603B blades feature dual Intel Xeon E5 data center processors with Broadwell architecture, 256GB of DDR4-2133 SDRAM shared system memory, and provide 1.61 TFLOPS of general processing power with QPI, AVX2 and FMA functionality. Security options include BuiltSECURE technologies counter nation-state reverse engineering with systems security engineering (SSE) that enables turnkey or private and personalized security solutions to be quickly configured.

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EnsembleSeries HDS6603B server blades are packaged using the company’s fifth generation packaging, cooling, and interconnects. Collectively these technologies protect the blades from challenging environments, keeping them cool for long, reliable service lives while enabling consistent 40Gbps in-system OpenVPX switch fabric bandwidth.


Mercury’s HDS6603B blades are designed, manufactured, coded and supported in the USA from DMEA certified facilities For more information, download the HDS6603B blade datasheet, call Mercury at (866) 627-6951 or email [email protected].

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