OpenVault And FourthWall Media Partner For Set-Top Box Diagnostic Data

Set-Top Data to be Combined with Cable Modem Data for New Network Diagnostic Tool for Cable Operators

WAYNE, NJ and DULLES, VA – OpenVault announces an agreement for OpenVault to license set-top box diagnostic data from FourthWall's MassiveData division. This data will be integrated with OpenVault's cable modem data for reports on video and data network health that will benefit MVPD customers of both companies.

"We have been assisting an ever growing number of cable operators with diagnostic tools to monitor and manage their HSD networks," said Rich Evans, EVP Sales and Marketing, OpenVault. "With this new agreement with FourthWall Media, we can incorporate their technology for data collection to broaden our capabilities by including FourthWall television infrastructure diagnostics as well. Bringing this combined product to market in our traditional Software as a Service (SaaS) model will make it easier to use and more affordable for operators of all sizes. We are excited to be working with FourthWall as a partner."

"FourthWall Media recently announced a television monitoring and reporting tool called Precision Diagnostics™," said Bill Feininger, President, MassiveData. "When you combine our set-top box diagnostics data with cable modem data from OpenVault, the benefits to cable operators are extensive. With the capability to report on the health of set-top boxes and the surrounding cable plant, the partnership with OpenVault will help us raise cable operator retention rates for both video and broadband subscribers by providing tools designed to head off service disruptions and the potential disconnects before they happen. We are excited about working with OpenVault and providing these competitive benefits to the cable industry."

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