OmniVision Selects ProPlus NanoSpice Simulator

SAN JOSE, CA /Marketwired/ -- ProPlus Design Solutions Inc. announced that OmniVision Technologies Inc., a leading developer of advanced digital imaging solutions, has deployed ProPlus' NanoSpice for the simulation of analog designs used in its CMOS imaging integrated circuits (ICs).

OmniVision selected NanoSpice because of its accuracy and performance, critical considerations for the design of its high-resolution CMOS image-sensor ICs. "High-precision analog design requires simulation accuracy, and NanoSpice delivered the sign-off accuracy along with impressive speedup for a host of our production designs," said T.J. Dai, Director of Analog and Layout at OmniVision. "Additionally, ProPlus' support is exceptional, as is its simple and cost-effective licensing model."

NanoSpice is the next-generation high-capacity, high-performance parallel SPICE simulator for giga-scale circuit simulation. As a pure SPICE circuit simulator matching the industry's highest accuracy standard, NanoSpice handles process variations from 3-sigma to high-sigma Monte Carlo simulations, with full matrix solving and without approximations in model calculations. Because it shares the same core SPICE engine with ProPlus' BSIMProPlus, the "de-facto golden device modeling software used by all leading foundries," NanoSpice has built-in foundry-validated accuracy and compatibility, as well as support for the latest process technologies such as FinFETs.

NanoSpice's parallelization technology, coupled with high-memory efficiency, enables it to deliver 100-million plus element capacity for giga-scale designs. They include post-layout analog circuits, high speed IOs, memory and CMOS image sensor arrays, full-chip power ICs, and clock trees and critical path nets.

"OmniVision has validated our vision to deliver the highest accuracy and performance with NanoSpice," adds Dr. Zhihong Liu, Executive Chairman of ProPlus Design Solutions. "This endorsement by the leading developer of advanced digital imaging solutions, where SPICE accuracy, speedup, and capacity are critical, is an important milestone."

About ProPlus
ProPlus Design Solutions Inc. delivers electronic design automation solutions with the mission to enhance the link between design and manufacturing. It is the global leader for SPICE modeling solutions and the leading technology provider for unique Design-for-Yield (DFY) products that integrate the key DFY components—advanced device modeling software, a parallel SPICE simulation circuit simulator, and hardware-validated statistical variation analysis tools. Products include: BSIMProPlus/Model Explorer, a modeling technology platform for nanometer devices; NoisePro/9812B/9812D, the golden solution for low-frequency 1/f noise, and random telegraph signal noise characterization and process monitoring; NanoSpice, a high-capacity, high-performance parallel SPICE simulator for giga-scale circuit simulation; and NanoYield/NanoExplorer, a variation analysis platform for yield versus power, performance and area trade-off of memory, analog and digital circuit designs. ProPlus Design Solutions has R&D centers in the San Jose, CA. and Beijing and Jinan, China, with sales offices in Tokyo, Japan; Hsinchu, Taiwan; and Shanghai, China.

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