Olympus Launches New Opto-Digital Solution

CENTER VALLEY, PA -- /PRNewswire/ -- With the stateside release of its newest opto-digital micro-imaging and metrology solution, Olympus is bringing the future of technology to today's inspection, test, and quality control facilities. The DSX Series imaging system delivers a completely new type of technology that combines Olympus performance reliability with the touchscreen ease of a smartphone or tablet computer.

"The DSX Series captures clear images, acquires reliable measurements, and performs high-level analysis for reproducible results—all with a tap of a touchscreen," says Matt Smith, Olympus director of sales and marketing. "This revolutionary series of instruments is so easy to use that virtually anyone can achieve consistent, reliable results. And because the DSX family of instruments offers superior quality and reliability, you get usable, accurate data and crisp, quality images every time."

DSX Series instruments include the DSX500, DSX500i, and DSX100. Designed for simplicity, accuracy, and reliability, all instruments in this line are designed to provide two core benefits—enhanced productivity and increased efficiency. The DSX Series:

  • Requires virtually no training
  • Produces reliable, reproducible, and traceable measurements
  • Captures perfect images the first time, every time with the best-image function
  • Accommodates samples of all shapes and sizes to produce 2D, 3D, and panorama results
  • Improves image clarity live or with captured images using advanced imaging techniques including High Dynamic Range, WiDER, and Color Enhancement

As part of the Olympus micro-imaging and metrology family of products, DSX Series instruments are compatible with powerful Stream image-processing software for measurement, analysis, and reporting. DSX systems are built to resist ambient vibration with proprietary image stabilization technology, making repeatable measurements and images possible in any environment with just the touch of a finger.

About Olympus
Olympus Corp. operates in industrial, medical, and consumer markets around the world, specializing in optics, electronics, and precision engineering. Its industrial division produces innovative test, measurement, inspection, and imaging instruments used for quality control, R&D, and other technical applications. Olympus' industry-leading portfolio of micro-imaging and metrology systems supplies reliable, economical solutions designed to enhance safety, security, quality, and productivity.

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