NYS Awards SensiVida R&D Grant

HENRIETTA, NY /Marketwire/ -- SensiVida Medical Technologies Inc. is pleased to announce that it is one of three New York State (NYS) businesses selected to receive the Jumpstart Program award for the Fall 2010 semester, in alliance with the Cornell Center for Materials Research.

Funded by the New York State Foundation for Science, Technology and Innovation (NYSTAR), the JumpStart Program is designed to work with NYS businesses to assist them in developing and fine-tuning their products, along with solving any concrete problems that may be related to materials. Assistance is provided through collaboration with university research centers. Selection into this program will provide SensiVida with the ability to use university expertise for one semester; build a relationship with university faculty, researchers, and facilities; and to be awarded funding through NYSTAR.

During this project, SensiVida, collaborating with Cornell Professor Antje Baeumner, will be concentrating on perfecting its innovative glucose monitoring system currently in development. The teams' focus will be on developing a further understanding of the reproduction and stabilization of the materials used in the chemical sensing system's coating. SensiVida's state-of-the-art glucose monitoring device will offer patients increased benefits compared with devices currently available on the market, including automated timed measurements, no blood extraction, convenient data recording delivered directly to patients digital records, virtually pain free, wireless transmission to nursing station, and alerts for dangerous levels.

SensiVida is delighted to have the opportunity to work with Biological and Environmental Engineering Professor Antje Baeumner, a renowned researcher in the area of biosensors and nanotechnology. Professor Baeumner recently stated that she is excited to build a long-term relationship with SensiVida and is looking forward to carrying out fundamental research regarding SensiVida's cutting edge biosensing systems.

About SensiVida
SensiVida Medical Technologies Inc. is a developer and provider of minimally invasive diagnostic devices with proprietary, microsystems-based technology that automates bio-sensing and data acquisition while minimizing patient discomfort. The company's optical-digital platform technology addresses a number of multi-billion dollar market opportunities: allergy testing, pain-free automated glucose monitors, blood coagulation testing, TB testing, cholesterol monitoring, and more.

SensiVida has an exclusive worldwide license to nine pending patents. In addition to the SensiVida allergy test, the product pipeline, based on the same microsystem and image processing technology, includes a portable glucose monitor. This device consists of a patch or chip having multiple, individually addressable sensors that are activated in accordance with the patient's test schedule, automatically recording the patient's glucose level without pain, bio-fouling, or clogging.

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