Noncontact Rotary Sensors from Novotechnik

Noncontact Rotary Sensors from Novotechnik
Novotechnik U.S.

RFC rotary sensors from Novotechnik U.S. Inc., Southborough, MA, combine a magnetic assembly that is affixed to the shaft and a sensor with an embedded IC and provide analog output to represent the calculated angle range from 30?–360? in 10? steps. The two components are separate and there are no moving or mechanical parts to wear or break. Sensors are sealed to IP69 and provide 12-bit resolution, independent linearity to 0.5% of measurement range, and <0.03% repeatability. The sensor is available with two voltage output options.

Contact Info

Company: Novotechnik U.S.
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 508-485-2244
Fax: 508-485-2430

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