Noncontact Hall Sensors from BI Technologies

Noncontact Hall Sensors from BI Technologies
TT electronics BI Technologies

The MagnePot Model 6120 from TT electronics BI Technologies , Fullerton, CA, is a noncontact single-turn Hall effect position sensor with low mechanical torque and a programmable electrical angle from 5°–360°. The sensor is available in 3 standard configurations and features multiple factory-programmable output profiles, rotational life to 10 million cycles, ±0.5% standard independent linearity, 0.25–4.75 VDC typ. output ranges, 4.5–5.5 VDC voltage inputs, and –40°C to 125°C operating temperature ranges.

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Company: TT electronics BI Technologies
Phone number: 714-447-2345
Fax: 714-388-0046

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