NewAer Awarded Location-Based Services Patent

SAN FRANCISCO, CA /Marketwired/ -- NewAer Inc., developer of next-generation location-based technologies that make smart devices truly smart, announces its first granted patent for "automating actions within a telephone network based upon scanned wireless signals" (U.S. Patent number 8,577,354).

Today's announcement solidifies the company's leadership position in the emerging market of sensors and proximity, providing cloud-based analysis of beacons. The core tenet of the patent is to allow any number of mobile devices to receive triggered actions, or make automated changes in other nearby devices based upon present signals.

The NewAer Proximity platform negates inflexible or privacy-intrusive location-based automation, like setting a thermostat within a rigid geofence or redirecting telephone calls based upon fixed time schedules. Rather, the platform performs changes automatically from environmental data observed by a mobile phone. A homeowner's arrival to their block could set a home thermostat upon arrival, or walking to a desk could re-route mobile phone calls to a superior quality VoIP circuit without any intervention.

Born out of frustration with traditional GPS-based fixed location technologies, which get lost indoors and drain mobile device batteries, NewAer allows for elastic location, which is best suited for the variety of mobile devices we use daily. The software uses a negligible amount of power—a necessity for today's smartphone user.

"Amid the swarm of wearable devices, Wi-Fi access points, and iBeacons, we are pleased to have the first patent granted for a cloud-based system both to detect any nearby beaconing device and complete a unique action for an application," said Dave Mathews, CEO and Founder, NewAer Inc. "In a world powered by NewAer, your smartphone remains in your purse or pocket, and changes are triggered from the environment—unlike cumbersome older systems requiring check-ins or newer iBeacon applications that prompt the user to launch an app on their device."

This intelligence is provided via the NewAer Proximity platform, a software developer package that any developer or manufacturer can integrate within any device, software, or service. The SDK operates on Windows XP, 7, and 8; Android, iOS 6 and 7, and Mac OS X.

While the Apple iBeacon within iOS 7 relies on Bluetooth Low Energy (BTLE) devices, the NewAer system can be tuned by developers for all wireless signals that a mobile device can receive. Signals from a cellular tower, Wi-Fi access point, Bonjour network devices, Bluetooth 2.0, BTLE, and NFC are all actionable, based upon the receiving device's capabilities and operating system.

This cloud back end is central to the NewAer Share application, allowing users to immediately share files with anyone nearby on any device. (To download a copy of Share just type "NewAer Share" in any mobile device store.)

To download a free copy of the NewAer SDK to use within any of your applications, visit the company's Web site and click "Get the Code."

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