New Software Inexpensively Solves the Windows XP problem

HAXTUN, CO -- PrairieIT announces a new software product that brings new life to Windows XP computers. The product, PrairieConnect, turns existing XP PCs into high performance web-based, cloud computers.

IT professionals have been grappling with what to do about Windows XP going out of support. While many have chosen to buy new Windows 8 PCs, the truth is many existing XP machines are still in good shape. But they can't be upgraded to Windows 7 or 8 and they can't continue to be used as XP machines because they are susceptible to viruses and hackers. Since most PC usage is web-based, whether accessing company portals, Google docs and apps, or other web-based apps, a web-based computer makes a lot of sense. PrairieConnect takes an existing XP computer and turns it into a fully-functioning web-based (or cloud) computer.

Mark Oman, founder of PrairieIT says, "There are some 500 million XP computers still in use around the world. They all have to be upgraded to a new solution or face the ever growing onslaught of hackers and viruses. PrairieConnect is that solution, transforming those aging computers into useful, productive tools for your business or organization."

Oman, an ex VP at Agilent and Hewlett-Packard, and his team at PrairieIT went to work to make a simple, easy to use solution to the XP problem. "We developed the software to help us with our XP problem and then decided that everyone could benefit from this simple, inexpensive solution. IT professionals in SMB, non-profit, educational, and government environments will find this a perfect solution for what to do about XP."

PrairieConnect is software that connects existing PCs to the web to run all your web-based apps, such as Google Docs, Gmail and GoogleStore. OpenOffice is also included for off-line document creation and editing. CIOs report this as an excellent way to extend the life of their XP computers without any of the issues of maintaining an OS that is past its End of Life.

PrairieConnect is available for download at  The free trial download is fully functioning and does not have a time limit. PrairieConnect costs $10/seat, with no seat license required.

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