New Infrastructure-Monitoring Company Launched

LOS ANGELES /PRNewswire/ -- Miceli Infrastructure Consulting LLC (MIC) was recently established (May 14) to help improve our country's infrastructure. MIC's owner, Marybeth Miceli, formerly of Matech Corp., launched MIC to assist bridge management decision-makers access vetted emerging inspection and monitoring technologies. By facilitating conversations between owners and technology providers, MIC is bringing together teams that will transform the bridge industry.

Miceli is one of the premier specialists in the industry, having a unique and extensive background in nondestructive testing (NDT), advanced sensors, and structural health monitoring (SHM) of civil infrastructure. Through her work with academia and industry, Miceli has amassed a vast network of proven technologies and service providers to assist owners in this ever-changing field. MIC is enthusiastic about providing this unique service for the infrastructure industry as a women's business enterprise (WBE certification in process).

The MIC network philosophy is that, as this country's infrastructure crisis continues to worsen, the industry must move toward life extension of existing structures rather than replacement of aging bridges. The most cost-effective means of doing this is through the use of advanced technologies. However, these technologies must be used at the right time and must be thoroughly vetted. MIC has the expertise and the network of premier industry powerhouses to make this happen.

The tragic collapse of the I-35W Bridge and the continuing problems on the Bay Bridge are just two well-known illustrations of on-going infrastructure problems. According to the Texas Transportation Institute, there is a bridge failure (whether it be a closure or some sort of collapse) every 10 days in the U.S.

"The bridge industry desperately needs one source to provide unbiased NDT and sensors consulting to owners. With budget cuts and the onslaught of new technologies addressing various problems, owners can no longer keep up with this niche industry with their in-house staff," Miceli says. "With the flexibility and independence that comes with running a small independent consulting firm, MIC is excited to serve our clients more effectively in the changing economic and legislative environments by providing them with the best technology and services to fit their individual needs."

About MIC
Miceli Infrastructure Consulting LLC (MIC) is committed to bringing owners to the table with vetted service providers and proven technologies. We keep abreast of the emerging technologies in the infrastructure sector and draw from our vast NDT, SHM, and advanced sensors expertise. Our network of providers draws from the top institutions around the world, including universities, agencies, R&D institutes, and corporations.

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