Neuromorphic Platform A First For Ultra-Low-Power Machine Intelligence at the Edge

Eta Compute unveils what it calls the industry’s first neuromorphic platform for ultra-low-power machine intelligence at the edge. A system-on-chip (SoC) platform in a TSMC 55-nm ULP process, the device is said to consume a fraction of the power of existing solutions and redefines the standard for ultra-low power embedded solutions. Eta Compute CTO Nara Srinivasa Ph.D says, “Our patented event driven processor architecture (DIAL™) is combined with our fully customizable neuromorphic algorithms. These will be the foundation of a diverse and wide-ranging set of applications that deliver machine intelligence to the network edge.”


The 55-nm IP portfolio includes:

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  • The Arm Cortex-M3 processor, which consumes as little as 1 µW while scaling up to 100MHz using our patented dynamic voltage scaling (DVS)
  • NXP CoolFlux DSP operating on a variable workload based on DVS
  • 12-bit SAR Analog-to-Digital converter that consumes only 1uW at 200ksps
  • Power management and voltage references optimized to deliver high efficiency voltage scaling
  • Support for low power analog blocks such as power on reset, brown out detector, oscillators, temp sensor, crystal oscillator, and RC oscillators 

The SoC’s integrated DSP processor and controller architecture enables embedded machine intelligence for a wide range of applications. These include smart sensors, image processing, motion detection, and speech and video applications.

Power Consumption versus Frequency of Operation 

 More details are readily had with a visit to Eta Compute and/or emailing them at [email protected].

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