Nemotek and Xipeq Join Forces

SALA AL JADIDA, MOROCCO -- Nemotek Technologie, a manufacturer of customized wafer-level cameras for portable applications, announced its sales expansion in Europe, with a new partner, Xipeq AG. As a representative of Nemotek, Xipeq will provide customers with Nemotek's highly customizable solutions, including wafer-level optics, wafer-level packaging, and wafer-level cameras. The new partnership addresses the need for advanced camera solutions in various and innovative applications, such as mobile phones, security, and medical devices.

"Business in Europe is growing rapidly with the demand for ultra-small camera solutions in the micro electronics market," said Kurt Willimann, Director of Sales for Xipeq AG. "The partnership between Nemotek and Xipeq will address this booming sector, providing the European market with greater accessibility to Nemotek's miniaturized wafer-level offerings."

For over a decade, Xipeq has established distribution channels to provide European customers, specifically in Germany, France, Italy, and Switzerland, with access to the latest, most advanced solutions on the market. Assisting in the expansion of Nemotek's presence within Europe, Xipeq customers are now able to tap into its proven portfolio of high-quality wafer-level optic solutions. Furthermore, by leveraging the benefits of Nemotek's in-house distribution process and automated testing, customers will benefit with a streamlined final product and reduced time to market.

"Nemotek strives to serve as a resource for organizations that are looking to assist in the development of portable and value-added applications," said Hatim Limati, Vice President of Nemotek Technologie. "This announcement comes on the heels of our recent expansion into the Korean market. To follow that with further presence into the European region is an additional proof point of our wafer-level offering expanding its global footprint."

About Nemotek Technologie
Nemotek Technologie designs, develops, and manufactures customized wafer-level cameras for portable applications. The company provides customers with innovative design and manufacturing services for wafer-level packaging, optics, and cameras. Established in May 2008, Nemotek Technologie is funded by Caisse de Dépôt et de Gestion. The company features a world-class manufacturing and cleanroom facility located in the Rabat Technology Park, a hub for technology development, based in Morocco.

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