NanoMarkets Issues Latest Report on Smart Lighting Market

GLEN ALLEN, VA -- /PRNewswire/ -- Industry analyst firm NanoMarkets announced the release of its report titled "Smart Lighting Markets and Opportunities 2013." In its latest report, NanoMarkets sees significant opportunities for luminaire and electronics components firms to capitalize on the current demand for improving energy efficiency in commercial, residential, transportation and outdoor lighting applications as well as longer-term opportunities in health, mood and job performance improvements that smart lighting will enable. Details about the report including an excerpt are available at

About the Report
NanoMarkets' latest analysis of the worldwide smart lighting market projects that revenues from smart lighting are expected to escalate rapidly in the coming decade growing from over $400 million (USD) in 2013 to $3.8 billion in 2017 and to over $11.4 billion in 2020. The need to generate costs savings in commercial and multi-tenant buildings as well as in urban outdoor lighting infrastructure will be the primary market driver for smart throughout the forecast period.

NanoMarkets believes that the biggest wins in the smart lighting business will go to those who can differentiate themselves in the market by offering value-added features and interfaces to building automation systems. As it happens, it is becoming increasingly easy to achieve such differentiation. The latest lighting research indicates that beyond energy efficiency improvements, smart lighting can also lead to improved health and mood, while newer technology is showing the way to using smart lighting systems for air quality monitoring and even the delivery of information services. At the same time, improved control algorithms will permit the basic lighting management functionality of smart lighting to be performed much more effectively.

With these important developments in mind, this NanoMarkets' report offers guidance on where new smart lighting business revenues will be generated over the next few years and beyond. The report builds on NanoMarkets' previous smart lighting report published in 2012 as well as on our seven-year experience of analyzing the solid-state lighting industry.

In this year's report, we have considerably extended the report coverage to include analysis beyond the energy-saving features of smart lighting to other business opportunities that the arrival of smart lighting is creating. But as with NanoMarkets previous report on smart lighting, this report shows how new value is being created in the lighting market by adding enhanced electronics and intelligent luminaires and how such product strategies will be able to build on the massive trend towards introducing LED lighting.

Also included in this new report is an analysis of the smart lighting strategies of the firms that NanoMarkets expects to see as major players in the smart lighting space. We examine what the prospects for start-ups are in this space. In addition, there is an eight-year market forecast with breakouts by type of product, end user market segment, and the regions/countries where this report will be sold.

NanoMarkets believes that this report will provide much needed data and strategic analysis for planners and marketers throughout the lighting, semiconductor, sensor and networking industries.

About NanoMarkets
NanoMarkets tracks and analyzes emerging market opportunities in solid-state lighting, energy, electronics and other markets created by developments in advanced materials. The firm is a recognized leader in industry analysis and forecasts of this kind and has been covering the advanced lighting since 2006.

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