Multitouch Resistive Screen Controllers from Semtech

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Semtech Corp.

Semtech Corp., Camarillo, CA, offers the SX8674/75/76/77/78 multitouch resistive touchscreen controllers that bring pinch and stretch gesture recognition to the company's 4D-Touch platform. The SX867x family of ultra-low-power controllers feature long-distance proximity detection, advanced haptics driver support, and ±15 kV ESD protection for use in mobile phones, tablet computers, DSCs, handheld GPS units, IP phones, printers, automotive center consoles, and POS terminals. The controllers work with standard 4/5-wire resistive panels and feature a 12-bit ADC for coordinates and touch pressure measurement; current consumption of 0.4 µA standby; the ability to enter a low-power state between conversions; support for various common multitouch gestures such as pinch, stretch, and rotation; a proximity detection distance of >5 cm; and an onchip haptics motor driver.

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Company: Semtech Corp.
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 805-498-2111
Fax: 805-498-3804

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