Multispectral Camera, Software from Ocean Thin Films

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Ocean Thin Films

The SpectroCam multispectral imaging (MSI) camera from Ocean Thin Films, Largo, FL, is now available with analysis software that lets you perform dozens of image processing functions and to view the results on a live-action image output. The camera has a wideband imaging sensor response from the visible through NIR spectrum. Precision filters and imaging optics can be customized for a variety of applications, with image speeds of up to 30 frames/s at full resolution. The software lets you perform a range of image processing and analysis functions, allowing you to fully extract MSI information. Applications include water quality measurements, product screening, machine vision, medical imaging, surveillance, and authentication.

Contact Info

Company: Ocean Thin Films
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 727-545-0741

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