Multisensor Interface Family from ZMD

ZMD America Inc.

ZMD AG, Dresden, Germany, and ZMD America Inc., Melville, NY, introduce the MUSic family of multi-sensor interface circuits for microcontroller-based consumer, medical, and industrial systems requiring multiple sensor control. Each member of the family contains a sophisticated analog front end, including a flexible PGA, several analog and digital filters, and a power-optimized analog sampling architecture; an onchip clock generator; EEPROM to store configuration data, calibration coefficients, and optional user-programmable ID; and serial interfaces such as SPI and I2C. The ZMD21013 accepts 3 analog inputs, SPI output, optional external clock, programmable A/D conversion of amplified resistive sensor inputs, <100 nA idle current, 25 to 30 µW avg. power consumption, and inherent temperature measurement mode. (Intl. +49 351-8822-306, fax +49 351-8822-337, [email protected])

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Company: ZMD America Inc.
Phone number: 631-549-2666
Fax: 631-549-2882

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