Multipoint Airflow, Temperature from DegreeC

Multipoint Airflow, Temperature from DegreeC
Degree Controls Inc.

The ATM2400 from Degree Controls Inc. (DegreeC), Milford, NH, allows you to collect real-time airflow and surface temperature measurements in multiple locations simultaneously. The device supports up to 36 separate sensors and connects to a PC via a standard USB connection. Used with the company's Accutrac 5.0 software, the device provides real-time data recording with ±5% of reading accuracy from 0°C–70°C. Features include the ability to perform real-time graphing and statistical analysis, adjustable test time, sensor calibration data display, sensor calibration range fluctuation alarm, sampling rates to 10 readings/s, and compatibility with Excel.

Contact Info

Company: Degree Controls Inc.
Phone number: 508-460-1400
Fax: 508-460-7979

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