mPhase to Visit French Technology Cluster

LITTLE FALLS, NJ /Marketwire/ -- mPhase Technologies Inc. reported that it is completing arrangements, in cooperation with Invest In France, an agency of the French government, for a second round of meetings at the Grenoble Technology Cluster known as Minalogic. The cluster consists of government, corporate, and educational members engaged in high-technology research in the leading scientific disciplines, such as micro- and nano-technologies and embedded systems on chips. Minalogic recently received the highest rating for cluster-management excellence from the European Union.

The company first visited the cluster in March of 2012 after the relevant agencies reviewed mPhase's patent portfolio and recent valuation. The purpose of the second visit is to continue discussions with potential large strategic partners seeking to use the company's Smart NanoBattery. It is anticipated that upon the establishment of such a strategic partnership, research would continue at one of the cluster's laboratory facilities at Grenoble, France, in conjunction with a strategic sponsoring partner that would target and custom tailor the company's Smart NanoBattery to be used in a commercial product. All potential strategic partners are currently members of the cluster.

The scientific focus and interest is based on the ability of mPhase's Smart Surface technology to electronically control the precise flow of a fluid on a nano-structured surface, as well as its potential use of graphene, complementing silicon as a material used in the battery for superior conductivity.

About mPhase
mPhase Technologies Inc. is a leading nanotechnology innovator in smart surfaces. Potential applications include energy storage systems, drug delivery systems, self-cleaning systems, liquid and chemical sensor systems, and filtration systems. mPhase has pioneered its first smart surface–enabled product, the mPhase Smart NanoBattery.

mPhase is now introducing graphene into its core nano-silicon technology to enable broader use of the mPhase Smart NanoBattery. The company seeks to leverage the promising properties of silicon and graphene to improve the energy efficiency and power of energy storage devices not possible with present battery technology.

In addition to the Smart Surface technology, mPhase recently introduced its first product, the mPower Emergency Illuminator, an award-winning product designed by Porsche Design Studio and sold via the mPower Web site.

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