Movea Unveils SmartFusion Studio

BARCELONA, Spain -- Movea, the leader in motion processing and data fusion technologies, announced the availability of SmartFusion Studio, a new tool that facilitates the integration and validation of motion features for mobile devices and applications faster and more efficiently than ever. Movea's SmartFusion Studio is a signal processing design toolkit that provides mobile device OEMS and ODMs with a set of high-performance calibration and debugging tools, enabling rapid integration of motion-based features for valuable applications in pedestrian navigation, gesture recognition, advanced gaming, activity monitoring and contextual awareness.

The SmartFusion Studio is a powerful enablement tool for solutions built on Movea's MotionCore offering for mobile platforms and simplifies the MotionCore implementation process by providing a set of calibration and validation tools for Movea, enabling partners to readily record and access sensor data, conduct system-level debugging and run qualification testing.

"Implementing and deploying data fusion capabilities for mobile devices has been a complex, time intensive and expensive process since the availability of quality tools has been quite limited," said Sam Guilaumé, CEO of Movea. "Now, with SmartFusion Studio, customers and partners can quickly and accurately calibrate and validate sensor data integration at an early stage, significantly reducing the time and cost associated with developing, testing, and deploying motion-based features."

Built on Movea's market leading expertise and IP, SmartFusion Studio's integration and calibration tools have been leveraged in the development of all of Movea's customer products on the market today. SmartFusion Studio's solutions are just the first set of mobile ecosystem enablement tools released by Movea. Later in the year, the company plans to launch a drag-and-drop signal processing data flow builder for effortlessly assembling chains of data fusion algorithms and rapidly prototyping new advanced features.

Collectively, these tools leverage Movea's patent portfolio as well as 350+ man years of R&D to considerably simplify the process of integrating and testing new data fusion and motion features and reduce customer's time to market. Guilaumé continues, "With consumers clamoring for more intelligent devices and intuitive user interfaces, Movea is leading the charge in addressing the industry need for a low-cost and effective testing and validation process that will facilitate the proliferation of contextually aware devices and applications, which in turn will dramatically enhance the end-user experience."

About Movea
Movea is the leading provider of data fusion and motion processing firmware, software, and IP for the consumer electronics industry. Thriving on its portfolio of more than 440 patents, Movea licenses its unique SmartFusion technologies to customers in three primary markets: mobile, Interactive TV and sports. Movea's platform of data fusion engines, developer tools and data models enables customers and partners to quickly and easily add interactivity and awareness to their products. As a result, customers can reduce the risk, cost and time-to-market for delivering compelling new features that differentiate their products, enhance the consumer experience and deliver more end-user value.

Movea has a global presence with headquarters in Grenoble, France, a U.S. subsidiary in Silicon Valley, CA, as well as technology and manufacturing partners and distributors around the world. The company was recently named a "Cool Vendor for 2012" by leading analyst firm Gartner Inc.

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