Movea, Freescale Collaborate on Motion-Sensing Platform

GRENOBLE, France -- Movea, the leader in motion processing and data fusion technologies, announced its collaboration with Freescale Semiconductor, a global leader in embedded processing solutions, to integrate Movea's MotionCore motion processing software modules with Freescale's ColdFire-based processors effectively enabling a new Intelligent Motion-Sensing Platform. A demonstration of the integrated technology can be seen at the Freescale Technology Forum in San Antonio.

The demonstration will feature Movea's MotionCore Foundation package, including calibration and orientation modules. Running on a Freescale ColdFire-based processing platform, the system uses onboard MEMS sensors to drive compelling mobile applications. The combined system, which is part of Freescale's Xtrinsic family of intelligent sensor platforms, performs the calculations required for sophisticated applications such as gesture recognition, pedometer functionality, tilt-compensated eCompass, and continuous auto calibration. Movea will be demonstrating its 3D orientation module, showing Movea's advanced capabilities for motion tracking to less than a degree of accuracy.

Unlike other technologies, Movea's MotionCore solution is platform agnostic, uniquely positioning the company as the foremost provider of scalable and flexible data fusion software modules and enabling sensor, processor and mobile platform vendors to offer a complete solution to smartphone and tablet OEMs/ODMs. MotionCore software modules are optimized for mobile motion based applications, delivering increased performance while dramatically reducing power consumption at a significantly lower cost and making them ideally suited for mobile devices.

"The dramatic growth of motion-sensing technology in recent years points to consumers' voracious appetite for smarter consumer products that adapt to user intent. These highly aware devices provide enhanced services from more intuitive user interface navigation to advanced pedestrian navigation to activity monitoring and contextual awareness," Bryan Hoadley, executive vice president of marketing and sales and president of Movea Inc. explained. "Our collaboration with Freescale, a key player in the industry, is a testament to MotionCore's processing quality and implementation flexibility to provide our customers with solutions for enhanced and compelling new devices and applications."

"The Xtrinsic family of intelligent sensors with embedded compute capability represents Freescale's market leading efforts in the most sophisticated motion processing solutions," said Wayne Chavez, consumer & industrial sensor operations manager of Freescale's Sensor & Actuator Solutions Division. "Enabling Freescale's Xtrinsic hardware solution, Movea's innovative SmartMotion IP revolutionizes the way our devices interact with our customers' products." Movea and Freescale will together promote their combined solution to handset manufacturers, mobile operators and device manufacturers for applications including: indoor/pedestrian navigation, activity monitoring, motion gaming, augmented reality and gesture-based device/application control. MotionCore IP cores are available for licensing now from Movea.

About Movea
Movea is a leading provider of motion sensing and data fusion software, firmware, and IP for the consumer electronics, mobile and tablets, sports and fitness and eHealth industries. Movea's proprietary SmartMotion technology - unique motion processing capabilities - enable customers and partners to quickly add motion intelligence to their products, providing reduced risk, cost, and time-to-market advantages for delivering compelling new motion-based features that create more value and a more exciting user experience for the consumer.

Movea has a global presence with headquarters in Grenoble, France, a U.S. subsidiary in Silicon Valley, CA, as well as technology and manufacturing partners and distributors around the world. The company was recently named a "Cool Vendor for 2012" by leading analyst firm Gartner Inc.

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