Movea and UEI Announce Joint Effort

Grenoble, France /WEBWIRE/ -- Movea, a pioneer in motion-sensing and motion-control technologies, announced a collaborative development effort with Universal Electronics Inc. (UEI). The collaboration covers the development and demonstration of Movea's MotionIC platform on UEI's latest UEI WaveMotion remote control platform reference design.

"We are delighted to work closely with one of the leading remote control companies," said Bryan Hoadley, Movea's EVP of WW Sales & Marketing and President of Movea Inc. "Over the past 25 years, UEI has become one of the premier designers and manufacturers of innovative remote controls for a variety of applications, and we are excited to provide SmartMotion processing solutions to UEI, the leaders the Home Entertainment sector."

Arsham Hatambeiki, Executive Director of Applied Innovations at UEI, added, "The next advancement in remote controls lies in motion sensing, which greatly enhances the user interaction beyond the traditional multi-button remote control to deliver an engaging user experience for navigating between multiple content streams, applications, and games that make up today's home entertainment systems. Movea's flexible solution in motion control and gesture recognition will enable us to design and build mainstream motion-enabled remote controls that are intuitive and easy to use for a better home entertainment experience."

The UEI WaveMotion remote control platform will be one of the first to integrate 3 axis accelerometer and 3 axis gyroscope technologies, which, combined with Movea's SmartMotion technology, enable pixel accurate in-air pointing, advanced gesture recognition, 3D menu navigation, and custom gesture-based sign-on. For example, a flick, swipe, up or down gesture can be used to provide fast, intuitive menu control; more sophisticated gestures, such as letters and numbers, become inputs for shortcuts; and personalized gestures unlock the user profile to access personal features and preferences, enabling easier navigation through menus and faster access to desired programs and applications.

UEI will be demonstrating the UEI WaveMotion remote control platform at Booth 20211 in South Hall 1 at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, January 10–13.

SmartMotion by Movea
Movea is a leading provider of motion processing software, firmware, and IP for the consumer electronics industry. Movea's unique motion-processing capabilities enable customers and partners to quickly add motion intelligence to their products, meaning reduced risk, cost, and time to market for delivering compelling new motion-based features that create more end-user value. Movea has a global reach with headquarters in Grenoble, France, a U.S. subsidiary in Silicon Valley, CA, as well as technology partners, manufacturing partners, and distributors around the world. To get further information about Movea, email [email protected].

About UEI
Founded in 1986, Universal Electronics Inc. (UEI) is a global leader in wireless control technology for the connected home. UEI designs, develops, and delivers innovative solutions that enable consumers to control entertainment devices, digital media, and home systems. The company's broad portfolio of patented technologies and database of infrared control software have been adopted by many Fortune 500 companies in the consumer electronics, subscription broadcast, and computing industries. UEI sells and licenses wireless control products through distributors and retailers under the One For All brand name.

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