Movea and SMK Partner

ZAVENTEM, Belgium -- SMK Europe N.V. unveiled its new RemoPad that integrates Movea's SmartMotion technology to create a next generation remote control for Cable, Satellite and IPTV operators. Movea's advanced motion sensing technologies enable the RemoPad to use gesture recognition that simplifies navigating through the user interface, reduces the button count of traditional remotes, and offers a more natural, intuitive way to interact with next generation TV services.

"We are excited to see SMK, the world's largest remote control manufacturer, expanding our partnership around Movea's MotionIC platform," said Sam Guilaumé, CEO of Movea, "and we are delighted that they have built on it to create an innovative device that will set the standard for the next generation of interactive multimedia entertainment."

Patrick Delanoeije, General Manager of SMK Europe, added, "At IBC 2011, SMK will showcase new and intuitive paradigms for navigating and consuming rich digital media, based on Movea's SmartMotion Technology and SMK's advanced remote control devices. Movea has been a very supportive partner in helping us rapidly develop exciting new motion-driven capabilities that enable unique ways of interacting with content, drive adoption of TV applications such as interactive games, and improve User Interface navigation for an enhanced entertainment experience that drives subscriber retention."

As the world leader in the development and production of remote control solutions, SMK has partnered with Movea to drive technology and create control devices for the new wave of Set-Top Boxes (STBs) and Interactive TV services. Through product demonstrations and discussions with Service Providers and STB suppliers, SMK is reinforcing its commitment to integrate motion sensing with advanced pointing devices that deliver the vision of motion-driven UI's for navigating digital media.

Movea's SmartMotion technology, perfected and commercially proven with over more than 20 years of development, ensure jitter-free, pixel accurate control with smooth and precise movement that is as simple and intuitive to use as "point and click". Advanced gesture recognition is also available for an even more interactive user experience. Libraries of gestures can enable remote controls with custom gestures to interact with content and applications, as well as air signature authentication for each member of the family which loads up a personalized set of favorite stations and preferences, as well as enabling targeted advertising and more.

SMK will be exhibiting within RAI Convention Center in addressing leading Service Providers and STB suppliers on September 9-13th within Stand 1.C90, in addition to hosting private meetings rooms on September 10th & 12th. Through these product demonstrations and discussions with Service Providers and STB suppliers, SMK is reinforcing its commitment to integrate motion sensing with advanced pointing devices, using Movea's MotionIC technology, and deliver on the vision of motion-driven UI's for navigating digital media. Additionally, SMK will make a limited production of "RemoPad" prototypes available to strategic Middleware, Service Provider and STB targets to enable partners to validate business case, feature-set, and his extended pointing device capabilities.

SMK Europe N.V.
SMK Europe is a subsidiary of SMK Corporation. SMK Corporation is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan and is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, and was first established in 1925. It manufacturers, develops and markets components used by major OEM's in the field of Communications, Information, Audio-Visual, Car Electronics and Home Electronics. With European Sales operations in Brussels, Belgium and R&D in UK, and with local manufacturing facilities in Hungary, in addition to SMK's global 12 factories, SMK is strategically positioned to supply electronics solutions to OEM's and market leaders engaged in Personal Computing, Consumer Electronics manufacturers and the Subscription Television industry. SMK maintains the dominant worldwide position in the supply of remote controls, producing greater than 70 million units annually, and has strongly invested in the market of devices supporting rich media, interactive and advanced TV features.

Movea is a leading provider of motion processing chips, software, firmware, and IP for the Consumer Electronics industry. Movea's unique motion processing capabilities enable customers and partners to quickly add motion intelligence to their products, meaning reduced risk, cost, and Time-to-Market for delivering compelling new motion-based features that create more end-user value. Movea has a global reach with headquarters in Grenoble, France, a U.S. subsidiary in Silicon Valley, California, as well as technology partners, manufacturing partners and distributors around the world.

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