MOSFET Arrays from Advanced Linear Devices

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Advanced Linear Devices Inc.

The ALD210800A and ALD210800 precision N-channel MOSFET arrays from Advanced Linear Devices Inc., Sunnyvale, CA, let circuit designers build circuits with greater operating ranges in low-voltage supply environments. The features include a zero gate threshold voltage set precisely at 0.00 V ±0.01 V, VOS (zero gate threshold voltage match) to 2 mV/10 mV max., min. operating voltage of <100 mV, min. operating current of <1 nA, and min. operating power of <1 nW. Each MOSFET can be characterized with different input and output requirements. Applications include improving energy efficiency and battery life in medical devices, boosting audio quality in premium headphones and consumer devices, extended operating range for energy harvesting systems, or enhancing sensitivity in sensor arrays.

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Company: Advanced Linear Devices Inc.
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 408-747-1155
Fax: 408-747-1286

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