Module Supports Supercaps In Motherboard UPS

The uninterruptible power supply (UPS) of industrial computers, embedded PCs and gateways becomes an increasingly crucial factor both in industrial and medical technology. The PSZ-1063 μExtension module from Bicker Elektronik extends the features of the maintenance-free DC UPS systems UPSIC-1205 / UPSIC-2403 and the dc/dc converter with backup feature DC2412-UPS / DC2412-UPS-LD (Load Dump Version) with numerous functions that ensure optimal connection and protection of current mainboards.

The plug-in module attaches to the COM interface of the DC UPS in a sandwich process and connected to the RS-232 interface of the mainboard via appropriate accessory interface cables (PSZ-1046 or PSZ-1048). To protect the computer system against voltage fluctuations, flicker, voltage dips or failure of the supply voltage, the DC UPS systems from Bicker Elektronik are equipped with ultracapacitors (so-called supercaps / supercapacitors) as energy storage, which are characterized by extremely short charging times, a wide temperature range and a high current carrying capacity and power density. Due to the high cycle stability (> 500,000 charging cycles), such DC UPS systems have a particularly long service life.

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PSZ-1063 features:

  • Intelligent μExtension Module for DC UPS UPSIC-2403 / UPSIC-1205, as well as for DC / DC converter with backup feature DC2412-UPS (LD)
  • Integrated reboot function
  • Data monitoring via software "UPS Control Center"
  • Capacitance measurement
  • EOL indicator / EOL alerting
  • Output release from 90% supercap capacity
  • Operation of the UPS at the host without software possible
  • Extended functionality via RS232 RXD and TXD communication
  • Plug-in solution
  • Compact dimensions (WxDxH 80x10x14 mm)
  • Suitable for 24/7 continuous operation
  • Long-term availability at least 5 years
  • Three-year warranty 

For more details, visit the PSZ-1063 product page and also download the datasheet.

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