Module Eases Transformer Hot-Spot Monitoring


Designed for real-time transformer winding hot spot and temperature monitoring between -30°C and +200°C, LUXTRON’s m924 Utility Module is a single printed circuit board (PCB) offering four channels that can be included in a transformer monitoring system. The module offers RS-232 with ASCII and RS-485 with Modbus digital output for integration with standard PC or SCADA systems. In addition, it is guaranteed to be backward compatible with the LUXTRON DipTip and Quality probes and LUXTRON accessories.


The module is designed to directly monitor winding hot spots. Unlike conventional winding temperature indicators that infer the hot-spot temperature, this module measures the winding hot spot accurately and in real-time without modeling. With instant results, controllers and pumps can act immediately, preventing transformer asset damage.


Leveraging LumaSense’s patented Fluoroptic technology and designed to replace the LumaSense m600 Series Utility Modules, the m924 Utility Module provides better performance with improved manufacturing and modern architecture. When combined with the LUXTRON probes, the system provides precise and repeatable in-situ temperature measurements and control of processes involving RF, EMI, magnetic fields and high voltages, while the small form makes the module easy to integrate into existing equipment. For more details, checkout the m924 Utility Module datasheet.