Mobile users load & analyze large 3D CAD models even faster with KISTERS 3DViewStation WebViewer 2016

KISTERS has announced the release 2016 of 3DViewStation WebViewer. The WebViewer version of 3DViewStation provides extremely fast 3D viewing, advanced analysis and Digital MockUp (DMU) for browser based viewing and mobile users of Tablet-PCs, Smartphones and Notebooks. No client installation is required. 3DViewStation WebViewer ships with current and mature CAD-importers for a broad range of formats including i.e. Catia, NX, Creo, SolidWorks, SolidEdge, JT, 3D-PDF and STEP plus an extensive set of functional tools to view & analyze 3D CAD data.

The 3DViewStation WebViewer version 2016 offers unique possibilities: mobile users have the same performance, the same APIs and the same functionality, which has previously been only available to Desktop users.

Although KISTERS 3DViewStation WebViewer has been very fast already before, the focus of the developments of 3DViewStation WebViewer V2016 has been set to optimize further the handling of extremely large assemblies and enhancements of the analysis functions.

The graphics kernel, which is a KISTERS development, has been optimized again to cut down load times by 50% in 3DVS file format and to reduce memory usage by 60%-70%. Also the file size of 3DVS files has been reduced by 20%-30%.

As an example, a complete truck, being more than 3 GB of JT pure tessellation file will be reduced to 450 MB in 3DVS file format and will load in less than 10 seconds in your browser on your Tablet computer, Smartphone or Notebook, using less than 500 MB memory for that session on the server. Handling and analysis of this model is working fluently, even with limited bandwidth.

There have also been other enhancements:

file format support has been updated, now including SolidEdge ST8, SolidWorks 2016, STEP AP 242 XML.
Coordinate system and angle dimensions now show previews before finishing them
The high-level XML-API has been extended, which allows to integrate with 3DViewStation WebViewer easily.
It is now possible to share floating licenses between 3DViewStation Desktop and 3DViewStation WebViewer.
Other news related to 3DViewStation can be reviewed at .

The KISTERS 3DViewStation is developed by very closely following customer requirements; it is available as Desktop, ActiveX and HTML5 WebViewer product-versions. All product flavors are intended to be used together with a PLM-, ERP- or other management system like product configuration or service & spare part applications, providing all necessary APIs. For cloud, portal and web-solutions there is a HTML5-based WebViewer solution available, which does not require any client installation at all. All file formats can be used in combination with the intelligent navigation- and hyperlinking features to address needs of complex integration scenarios.

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