Mixed-Signal Oscilloscopes from Pico

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Pico Technology

The mixed-signal PicoScope 3000 Series oscilloscopes from Pico Technology, St. Neots, U.K., also include a 16-channel logic analyzer, built-in function generator, and arbitrary waveform generator. The devices provide 2 analog channels with bandwidths from 60—200 MHz, a max. single-channel sampling rate of 500 Msps, and 100 MHz digital inputs. Other features include serial decoding; advanced triggering; 16 logic inputs; buffer memory from 8—128 Megasamples; standard oscilloscope and spectrum analyzer functions; mask limit testing; segmented memory; persistence displays; math channels; automatic measurements with statistics; and programmable alarms.

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Company: Pico Technology
Country: United Kingdom (UK)
Phone number: +44 (0)1480-396-395
Fax: +44 (0)1480-396-296

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