Mitsumi and Greenvity Collaborate

MILPITAS, CA -- Greenvity Communications is partnering with Mitsumi Electric to provide modules and systems for electric vehicles, plug-in hybrids, battery-charging systems, smart meters, and smart energy management systems. The highly reliable products will leverage Greenvity's Hybrii system-on-chips (SoCs) that integrate HomePlug Green PHY powerline communications and ZigBee wireless technologies into a single chip.

The two companies will collaborate in the development of Mitsumi's DRT-A600 and DRT-A520 modules, as well as systems and software, enabling robust and intelligent connectivity for a variety of home and building energy management and electric vehicle applications. The DRT-A600 and DRT-A520 modules will be powered by Greenvity's award-winning Hybrii-XL GV7011 and Hybrii-PLC GV7012 single-chip solutions, respectively.

These modules, which Mitsumi is aiming to release in the first half of 2013, will be designed to meet consumers' increasing acceptance of smart energy management solutions, such as emerging intelligent home gateways and home-area networks (HANs), as well as support worldwide growth in electric and hybrid plug-in vehicle sales and EV charging.

"After studying the market and testing Greenvity products, we believe that the Hybrii chips are the most integrated and innovative single-chip solutions available for the electric vehicle and smart energy markets," said Fujio Furukawa, Mitsumi's Senior Vice President and Chief Executive of Electronic Device Business HQ. "With Greenvity's best-in-class HomePlug Green PHY and ZigBee solutions combined with Mitsumi's design capability and history of building highly reliable and manufacturable products, we will offer customers world-class high-quality modules and systems with wireless and powerline capabilities."

Greenvity's Hybrii products enable smart grid-connected equipment and energy-saving appliances across a variety of high-growth applications within the smart energy market. The GV7011 chip is an innovative single-chip solution with ZigBee wireless and HomePlug Green PHY PLC that enables reliability, robustness, and flexibility to smart meter, home gateway, appliance, and electric vehicle charging applications. The GV7012 chip with HomePlug Green PHY PLC and Ethernet is an automotive-grade solution that supports extreme temperature (from –40°C to 105°C) and rugged environments required by automotive applications.

"Mitsumi is respected internationally for its leadership as a module and system manufacturer and their partnership with Greenvity shows their belief in our hybrid technology," said Hung Nguyen, President and CEO, Greenvity Communications. "Working together, we intend to provide OEMs with modules that will end up in home energy management systems and electric vehicles, allowing consumers around the world to take advantage of the energy and cost savings promised by the smart grid."

In addition to collaborating on technology development, Mitsumi has made an undisclosed direct investment in Greenvity, signifying a long-term partnership and Mitsumi's position as a major investor.

About Mitsumi
Mitsumi Electric is a general electronics component manufacturer headquartered in Japan (Tama City, Tokyo). With R&D and manufacturing facilities in six domestic and 10 overseas locations, across six countries, Mitsumi Electric Group sells parts and devices around the world from 19 sales offices in 10 countries. It has extensive experience in wireless communication modules and system development for mobile and gaming devices, and in recent years, its reputed module products targeted at demanding industrial markets and automotive applications have been increasingly adopted, based on the company's wealth of accumulated technology and trusted production and sales.

About Greenvity Communications
Greenvity Communications is transforming the smart energy management, HAN, and electric vehicle markets with its innovative and patent-pending smart connectivity technologies. Greenvity develops powerline and wireless communications and unique energy management technologies to enable robust and intelligent connectivity for a wide range of smart energy applications in the smart meter, home gateway, smart appliance, solar, and electric vehicle markets. With full operations beginning in 2010, Greenvity is a privately held company based in Silicon Valley.

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