Miniature Power/Transceiver IC from ams

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ams AG

The AS8530 miniature power/transceiver IC to support LIN slave applications is offered by ams AG, Unterpremstaetten, Austria. It is a management and communication device that includes a LIN 2.1 transceiver, a 50 mA LDO, and a reset generator in an 8-pin SOIC 8 package, and as a differentiator offers system management functions through shared pin serial interface. A two-wire serial port routed through shared Enable and TX pins allows the device to read out status registers and provide diagnostics. These features are crucial in the design of ISO26262-compliant systems, in order to cease operation safely when in a fault condition. The AS8530 is suitable for any LIN-networked sensor and actuator slaves. The onchip LDO provides a factory-selectable 3.3 V or 5 V output. The chip also offers a reset generator and an output voltage monitor with chip ID for traceability. Modes include normal operating, power-saver standby, and sleep.

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Company: ams AG
Country: Austria
Phone number: 43 3136 500 32110

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