Miniature GPS Receiver from Telit

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Telit Wireless Solutions

The Jupiter SE880 from Telit Wireless Solutions, Raleigh, NC, is a SiRFstarIV-based ultra-compact GPS receiver module for applications in the commercial, industrial, and consumer segments including wearable and handheld devices. The RF front-end uses spatially-calibrated waveguide-quality radio paths inside the 3D space of its architecture to reduce parasitic impedances. A multifilter system includes tradition SAW filters and a 2.4 GHz notch-filter to nullify the jamming effects of high-energy radio devices. In stand-by mode, the module draws 50—500 µA and is capable of one-satellite acquisition of UTC.

Contact Info

Company: Telit Wireless Solutions
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 888-846-9773
Fax: 919-840-0337

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