Mini Optical Encoder from Avago Technologies

Mini Optical Encoder from Avago Technologies
Avago Technologies

Avago Technologies, San Jose, CA, offers the AEDR-8320 miniature SMT reflective analog optical encoder for industrial and office automation applications where space is constrained. The encoder is 6.50 by 4.20 by 1.69 mm and offers 2-channel analog output, 20 kHz frequency count, a resolution of 180 lines/in. for rotary and linear movement control that can be increased to 2.2–10 µm resolution or 4096–7840 counts/rev with an external interpolation IC, an LED light source and photodetector IC, and the ability to interlace the encoder directly with most signal processing circuitry. Applications include pick-and-place machines, robotic equipment, optical disk drives, card readers, printers, and copiers.

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Company: Avago Technologies
Phone number: 800-235-0312

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