Mini Load Cell and Interface from Loadstar Sensors

Mini Load Cell and Interface from Loadstar Sensors
Loadstar Sensors Inc.

Loadstar Sensors Inc., Mountain View, CA, offers the iLoad Mini miniature load cell and the DQ-1000 signal conditioning board. The sensor is 0.5–1 in. high (depending on configuration) and 1.25 in. dia., accepts a 5 VDC input, outputs a baseline 5 V TTL frequency output proportional to the applied load, and has a reference signal to compensate temperature and humidity effects. Accuracy is ±2% for the base version in aluminum. The DQ-1000 signal conditioning board enables digital USB, 0.5–4.5 V, or 2 mV/V outputs and allows you to place the board apart from the sensor.

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Company: Loadstar Sensors Inc.
Phone number: 510-623-9600

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