Microcontrollers from Texas Instruments

Texas Instruments Inc.

The MSP430F521x/F522x microcontroller family from Texas Instruments Inc., Dallas, TX, supports a main 1.8–3.6 V supply rail and I/O supply rail (1.8 V ±10%), eliminating the need for level translators and allowing the devices to operate as ultra-low-power coprocessors to higher-power/performance microprocessors. Features include ability to act as a bridge between the application processor and other technologies; active power at 290 µA/MHz in Flash, 150 µA/MHz in RAM, standby mode at 1.4 µA, and 3.5 µs wakeup; and low-power peripherals, including comparator, UART, I2C, SPI, GPIO, real-time clock, 10-bit ADC, and multiple 16-bit timers. The devices also add support of Windows 8 OS human interface driver (HID) over I2C.

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