MEMSIC Introduces Low-Profile Tri-Axis Magnetic Sensor

ANDOVER, MA /BUSINESS WIRE/ -- MEMSIC Inc., a leading MEMS solution provider, combining proprietary MEMS technology with advanced mixed-signal processing and system solutions, announced the release of its new low-profile Tri-Axis magnetic sensor, the MMC3120MR. The MMC3120MR is a product for high-end and cost-sensitive digital compass and augmented-reality applications in mobile handset, PND, and navigation products.

The MMC3120MR is designed using anisotropic magnetoresistive (AMR) technology, which provides "much better competitive advantages than other magnetic sensor technologies in the market (Hall sensor, GMR, etc)." The MMC3120MR has significant benefits in terms of current consumption (0.55 ma), measuring time (5 ms), sensitivity (2 mG/LSB) and accuracy (± 2°).

MEMSIC's new MMC3120MR integrates three-axis magnetic sensors and electronic circuits, resulting in an easy-to-use solution for system designers. It uses the same AMR technology as MEMSIC's MMC3120MQ magnetic sensor product, but the MMC3120MR is packaged in a significantly smaller package (3 by 3 by 1 mm), which is important to board space–critical applications such as mobile handsets.

The MMC3120MR and the recently released MMC2120MR work with MEMSIC's Intelligent Heading Correction library of auto-calibration and dynamic-compensation algorithms to provide industry-leading compass performance. MEMSIC's flexible software library is available to adapt to either dual or tri-axis magnetic sensors upon customers' request.

Pricing for this product starts at $1.90 per unit for 1000 units.

Headquartered in Andover, MA, MEMSIC Inc. provides advanced semiconductor sensor and system solutions based on integrated micro-electromechanical systems ,or MEMS, technology and mixed-signal circuit design. MEMSIC's unique and proprietary approach combines leading-edge sensor technologies, such as magnetic sensors and accelerometers, with mixed-signal-processing circuitry to produce reliable, high-quality, cost-effective solutions for automotive, consumer, and industrial markets.

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