MEMS Pressure Sensor Dies from Melexis

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MLX90807 and MLX90808 fully integrated relative and absolute pressure sensor dies from Melexis, Nashua, NH, are fully automotive qualified and cover many pressure ranges from a span of 100 mbar to several bars. Each die consists of a silicon membrane with piezoresistors to transform the stress induced by pressure into an electrical signal. An analog signal chain interacts with a digital core, including programmable memory, to allow full calibration on chip. Sensors are fully programmable through the connector with built-in protection against all typical overvoltage automotive conditions and include circuitry to meet all automotive diagnostic requirements including broken membrane detection and short- and open-circuit conditions. Typical overall error range is <1% and output is a 5 V analog ratiometric signal.

Contact Info

Company: Melexis
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 603-204-2909
Fax: 603-204-1207

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