MEMS Market Expected to Double in Six Years

DUBLIN /BUSINESS WIRE/ -- Research and Markets has announced the addition of the "Status of the MEMS Industry 2013 - Executive Summary" report to its offering.

The MEMS market will double over the next 6 years, pushing manufacturers to consider consumer applications in their strategies

MEMS Still on Dynamic Growth Path
In 2012, the IC industry saw a 2% decline, but research reveals the MEMS sector managed another 10% growth to become an $11 billion business. Analysts expect a 12% to 13% CAGR through 2018 to create a $22.5 billion MEMS market, growing to 23.5 billion units. We have identified a number of changes as old MEMS products mature and new ones emerge. Cell phone demand drove strong growth for MEMS devices. Inertial sensor maker InvenSense continued to prove the worth of its fabless model with an ~30% increase in sales.

Consumer Applications Growth Pushing New Strategies
Consumer is still the leading MEMS application, with increasing needs for sensory interface. Status of the MEMS Industry 2013 report ranks the top MEMS suppliers. In 2012, for the first time, the top two MEMS suppliers on our annual Top 30 MEMS companies ranking are suppliers of inertial sensors rather than of inkjet heads or micro-mirror actuators that have long dominated the sector. STMicroelectronics is the first company to grow a $1 billion MEMS business, surpassing Texas Instruments. The second sensor supplier, Robert Bosch, has also pushed ahead of Texas Instruments and Hewlett Packard or the first time. The expanding demand for MEMS in both smartphones and automotive applications is creating a rising group of players that can expect to see solid sales in their future.

This report shows how the results of MEMS players top 30 and companies with the largest growth clarify just how much the smartphone market is driving MEMS demand. AAC Technologies had strong sales of MEMS microphones that propelled them to 90% growth and $65 million in MEMS revenues, putting them in the Top 30 for the first time. More microphones in more phones also helped propel sales to grow more than 20% at both Infineon and Knowles.

ASIC Players Also Benefit from MEMS Market Boost
For the first time in Status of the MEMS Industry report, we also include a section dedicated to ASIC for MEMS and the MEMS manufacturing evolution.

With an estimated market value of $3.3 billion, the ASIC MEMS market is important, subject to technical challenges as the coming of combos shifts the ASIC needs from standalone MEMS sensor die to integrated systems, where a sensor is an integral part of a complete sensor solution. The ASIC design is such a critical part of MEMS sensor with specific know-how that big MEMS companies sometimes prefer to outsource this development.

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