MEMS IR Temperature Sensor from Melexis

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Melexis, Nashua, NH, offers the MLX90614ESF-DCH and MLX90614ESF-DCI contactless MEMS IR temperature sensors for automotive, medical, industrial, and consumer applications. The sensors use a secondary sensor to measure thermal disturbances and compensate the measurement result with internal digital electronics, avoiding the error induced by fast temperature variations and/or thermal gradients. A refractive silicon lens lets the devices achieve fields of view down to 5°. Accuracy is 0.2°C in human body temperature measurement. Applications include ear and forehead thermometers, microwave ovens, green air-conditioning systems, process control and maintenance systems, medical blood analyzers, and mobile phones.

Contact Info

Company: Melexis
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 603-204-2909
Fax: 603-204-1207

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