MEMS Design Software from Coventor

Coventor Inc.

The MEMS+ 2.0 design suite from Coventor Inc., Cary, NC, allows you to simulate 3D MEMS models in MathWorks' Simulink environment, building on the software's existing integration with Cadence's Virtuoso IC design system, and letting you incorporate MEMS into traditional IC and SoC design methodologies. Other features include an expanded library of 3D MEMS building blocks, including those for accelerometers, gyroscopes, display mirrors, resonators, pressure sensors, and RF switches. You can use the same parameterized behavioral model created in the MEMS+ environment for simulations in both Simulink and Virtuoso, and system architects can incorporate MEMS into algorithmic-level simulations that span software, firmware, digital logic, and analog circuits. IC designers can incorporate MEMS into implementation-level simulations and physical designs.

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Company: Coventor Inc.
Country: United States (USA)
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