MEMS Accelerometers from Freescale Semiconductor

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Freescale Semiconductor

Freescale Semiconductor, Austin, TX, offers the MMA845xQ family of advanced 3-axis MEMS accelerometers designed to deliver enhanced battery life for smart mobile devices. The 3 by 3 by 1.0 mm MMA845xQ accelerometers feature 14- and 12-bit digital output, 0.25 mg (14-bit) or 1 mg (12-bit) resolution, 99 µg/√Hz noise, 6 µA current draw in low-power mode, 1.62–3.6 V I/O interface supply, 1.95–3.6 V supply voltage, 1.5–800 Hz data output rate, an embedded 32-sample FIFO buffer, high-pass-filtered data available per sample and through the FIFO, and 2 programmable interrupt pins for 7 interrupt sources. The sensors also incorporate freefall or motion, pulse, jolt, and orientation detection as well as self-test and automatic output data rate change for auto-wake/sleep.

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Company: Freescale Semiconductor
Country: International
Phone number: 512-996-4418

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